IRB Educational Tools

The University of Iowa Institutional Review Board (IRB) Standard Operating Procedures and Researcher Guide (AKA: Investigator’s Guide) documents IRB policies for the conduct of human subjects research. The Educational Tools offer supplemental guidance regarding procedures and best practices for complying with these policies. Each Educational Tool refers to relevant policies in the Investigator’s Guide. Researchers should use these tools in conjunction with the Investigator’s Guide.

Educational Tools:

Alternatives to an In-Person Informed Consent Process Guidance (ver.2 3/25/22) 

Audio/Videotaping and Photographs of Research Subjects Guidance (ver.1, 2/21/19)

Checklists and Guidance Documents (ver.1, 11/15/22)

Course-Related Student Research Projects Guidance (ver.1, 5/2/19)

Data Security Guidance (ver 4, 3/25/22 )

Docusign: Sending and Collecting Documents with eSignatures Guidance (ver.1, 3/25/22)

eConsent Checklist (ver.1, 10/3/23)

Exemption Tool Guidance (ver.2, 2022)

Informed Consent Document Checklist (ver.2, 6/16/22)

Informed Consent Document Checklist for Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research (ver.2, 6/16/22)

Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) Guidance (ver.1, 7/1/22)

Investigational New Drug (IND) Guidance (ver.1, 7/1/22)

Recruitment Letter Template (ver.1, 2/9/24)

Short Form Consent Document and Process Guidance (ver.2.1, 2/23/24)

Secure Zoom Meetings and Recordings for Restricted and Critical Data Guidance (ver.1, 3/25/22)

Umbrella Projects Guidance (ver.4, 10/27/22)