The UI IRB Standard Operating Procedures and Researcher Guide documents IRB policies for the conduct of human subjects research. The Human Subjects Office has Educational Tools and Documents to provide supplemental guidance regarding best practices for study procedures to comply with these policies. These Educational Tools typically refer to relevant policies in the UI IRB Guide. There may be additional information about these topics on other pages of the Human Subjects Office Website.

Educational Tools

Human Subjects Research: An Overview for Researchers

This document provides a general orientation to the following:

  • UI IRB operations 
  • Regulatory requirements for IRB approval
  • Definition of human subjects research
  • How to ask if you need IRB approval – via the Human Subjects Research Determination (HSRD) form
  • Types of IRB review
  • Principal Investigator responsibilities
  • Research off campus or outside the United States
  • Resources for UI faculty, staff and student researchers

HSO/IRB Overview and Educational Resources  

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