When other sites or individuals will rely on Iowa as the IRB of record

In certain circumstances, Iowa can extend IRB oversight to individuals and organizations outside the University of Iowa. An example where Iowa’s IRB can potentially extend oversight is non-exempt research with federal funding such as NIH, with multiple sites, and Iowa as the prime grant awardee institution. 

There are also instances where the UI IRB can not serve as the single IRB of record or rely on an external IRB.  An example of this would be providing IRB oversight to private or non profit organizations located in a state with more stringent human subjects research state laws, or a very large multisite study that our IRB and HSO may not be able to take on.  If you are interested in pursuing human subjects research utilizing a Single IRB model, please contact the HSO as soon as possible (ASAP) to discuss the project.

If you are preparing a grant proposal from a federal source requiring a sIRB (Single IRB of Record) model, complete the Pre Grant Submission Survey as soon as you become aware of the award notice.  A representative will contact you with required documentation you will need from the HSO\IRB for the sIRB portion of the grant submission.

Depending on the role of the University of Iowa IRB and the study sponsor, a fee structure may apply. Studies with an industry sponsored\initiated have a fee structure outlined in the IRB Fee memo.  Contact the HSO for additional information and fees when the University of Iowa IRB serves as the lead IRB for a federally funded study. 

Another situation in which Iowa’s IRB may extend IRB oversight is collaborative research with a community partner organization or individual that is not affiliated with an institution that has its own IRB (adding as non-UI team member). However, these are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the external IRB team with questions. 

Investigators seeking to use any other type of multisite central IRB or other External IRB model not previously described should contact the Human Subjects Office via email at UIRB-External@uiowa.edu. Please refer to the SOP guidance document below for additional details.

External IRB Standard Operating Procedures v.061724 (clean)

External IRB Standard Operating Procedures v.061724 (tracked changes)