Many offices, centers and entities at the UI offer resources and support for UI faculty, staff and student researchers. If you have suggestions for other resources to add to this page, please contact us at or 319-335-6564.

Office of the Vice President for Research

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) has as its goal the support and advancement of research, scholarship, and creative activity on our campus. The activities and services provided by OVPR underpin creative activities in the public and private sectors in our region. Among the variety of resources offered by OVPR is a Researcher Handbook to assist all researchers with navigating the complex research environment at the University of Iowa. Visit the OVPR website for additional information.

The Research Development Office (RDO) offers one-stop “concierge” services to connect researchers and scholars with research administrators and other resources. The RDO helps accelerate discovery and innovation by supporting collaboration, creation, and proposal development and minimize the administrative burden of research on faculty and staff. Visit the RDO website for additional information about their events and activities.

The Core Research Facilities are a collection of centralized laboratories dedicated to developing and providing state-of-the-art research resources to facilitate biomedical research. They are available on a fee-for-service basis to the entire health sciences community as well as outside entities. These facilities are supported by the University of Iowa, the Carver College of Medicine, the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science and the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center. Visit the Carver College of Medicine web page and the Office of the Vice President for Research web page about core facilities.

The UI Research Foundation (UIRF) is part of the Office of the Vice President for Research. UIRF assists UI faculty and staff researchers in the transfer of technology from the lab to the global marketplace. UIRF manages a wide variety of intellectual properties (IP) arising from research programs throughout the UI and is the resource for faculty and staff researchers in the areas of patent prosecution, marketing, and licensing. Visit the UIRF website for additional information.

Human Research Protection Program Committees

The University of Iowa IRBs interact with other University of Iowa committees and programs that review research projects involving human subjects.  None of these entities are a formal part of the University of Iowa IRB structure, but there is communication between the committees/programs regarding status of review and/or conditions of approval. The Human Subjects Office provides tools, flowcharts and links to additional information about each of these committees and programs. Visit the Human Subjects Office web page to learn more.

Information Technology Services (ITS)

ITS Research Services

ITS Research Services supports the University of Iowa’s research mission by helping stakeholders access and optimize the performance technologies and services they need to succeed. This includes:

Visit the ITS Research Services web site for additional information, or contact:

ITS Research Technology Compliance Service 

The Research Technology Compliance Service helps researchers with data classification, identifying appropriate software and storage services, providing guidance in implementing compliant solutions for IT staff, getting approval on IT Security Plans, and to answer other general questions about data security. 

Researchers must ensure adequate protections of sensitive research data using the data classification of the information resources they encounter. Researchers are responsible for ensuring adequate protections for storage, transport, and transmission of research data. See the support articles in the How To and Support tab for information about how to properly safeguard sensitive research data. 

Visit the Research Technology Compliance Service web page or contact them at See also the Data Security Educational Tool on the Human Subjects Office website.

Institute for Clinical and Translational Science

The Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (ICTS) was established by the Iowa Board of Regents in 2007. Home for clinical and translational science, it leverages infrastructure that includes a highly functional Clinical Research Unit that has been active for decades. ICTS is a member of the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) consortium, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that includes more than 50 medical research institutions nationwide. 

As a member of the CTSA consortium, ICTS faculty and staff are dedicated to providing the synergy, resources, and experience necessary to accelerate translational science through programs to develop the translational workforce, to promote engagement of community members and other stakeholders, to promote research integration across the lifespan, and to catalyze innovative clinical and translational research. These efforts will lead to the development of novel therapies and healthcare delivery strategies, the integration of translational research and clinical practice, and, ultimately to measurable improvements in the health of Iowa and the nation. ICTS helps to establish unique collaborations between clinicians, investigators and community members. Visit the ICTS website to learn more about their programs and services and for guidance on how to acknowledge the CTSA in publications.

This educational program is for new study coordinators, faculty/staff researchers and research team members. It is designed and conducted by experienced clinical trial research professionals from within the University of Iowa. The program examines the entire clinical trial process, from planning to trial close-out, and provides practical recommendations for increasing the efficiency of clinical trial conduct. Visit the Academy for Research Professionals page for a link to the recorded lectures.

The Clinical Research and Trials Office (CRTO) provides a collaborative and integrative environment for the design and conduct of clinical research and clinical trials. Visit the CRTO page of the ICTS website for more information and a A-Z list of CRTO services.

The CRU offers the physical space and experienced interdisciplinary support staff to conduct and complete clinical research at the University of Iowa.  Visit the CRU web page to learn more.

This is a software application system for the management of clinical trial data, including protocol details, participants, data collection forms, calendars, financial and billing. I-CTMS is used for General Research. Visit the I-CTMS Resources page to learn more. [Note: Oncology research uses the same clinical trials management system, called OnCore].

This is a mature, secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. The REDCap application allows users to build and manage online surveys and databases quickly and securely, and is currently in production use or development build-status for more than 159,000 projects with over 219,000 users spanning numerous research focus areas across the consortium. REDCap can be used to collect virtually any type of data, it is specifically geared to support data capture for research studies. Visit the REDCap web page to learn more.

Biostatistics Consulting Center

The Biostatistics Consulting Center is a unit within the Biostatistics Department of the College of Public Health that provides statistical consulting for CCOM researchers, as well as other health science researchers at the University of Iowa Colleges of Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy and Liberal Arts and Sciences. Visit the Biostatistics Consulting Center website for additional information about their services.

Clinical Research Ethics Consultation Service

The Clinical Research Ethics Consultation Services offers free consultations about ethics issues related to research design, tissue banking, genetic research results, informed consent, and working with vulnerable patient populations. Visit the CRECS website for more information about their services.

Iowa Social Science Research Center

The Iowa Social Science Research Center (ISRC), part of the UI Public Policy Center, supports interdisciplinary social science research on the University of Iowa campus. The ISRC offers survey data collection services, grant development support, statistical and data workshops, consulting, data access support, and an environment to explore interdisciplinary research ideas. Our professional project and grant management staff, along with our team of undergraduate and graduate student field staff, are available to help with your research needs from research funding to data collection to data analysis. Please contact us to learn how we can support your research project. Visit the ISRC website or contact them by email ( for information about their services and how they can support your research.

Cooperating Schools Program

The University of Iowa Cooperating Schools Program (CSP) is a university-wide service to facilitate the placement of research projects conducted by faculty, staff, and students in public schools throughout Iowa. CSP provides information to assist researchers with obtaining permission to conduct research in Iowa schools. This program was instituted at the request of school administrators charged with the responsibility of approving research projects in their schools. Visit the Cooperating Schools Program website for more information.

UI Health Care Clinical Research and Trials Web Site

This is a web-based platform with information about clinical trials and research studies conducted by UI researchers. It is searchable by key word or National Clinical Trial (NCT) number. Researchers can indicate in the HawkIRB application if they want the study posted on this website. When enrollment closes, the link to enroll will be removed by the study information will remain on the site. See the Clinical Research and Trials website.