The following are possible determinations that the IRB can make about an application:

  • Approved - the IRB Chair or full board has approved your application with no required changes.  You can start your research as soon as the approval memo is released to you.
  • Approved Pending - the IRB full board has approved your application, pending the completion of specified required actions.  You will receive notification of and access to the meeting minutes in HawkIRB, which will state the required actions.  The IRB Chair can approve the project once the required actions have been completed successfully.
  • Tabled - the IRB full board has tabled your application and has specified required actions.  Following completion of the required actions, the full board must review your application at another meeting.
  • Disapproved - the IRB full board has disapproved your research application.  You must start a new project application if you wish to pursue this application further.
  • Withdrawn - the application has been withdrawn, either at the request of the PI, or by the IRB if the PI failed to respond in a timely manner to requests for more information.