Thursday, June 27, 2024

The IRB-03 VA Researcher Guide has been updated as a result of a recent VA Office of Research Oversight Audit.  The updates are summarized below.  The guidance materials in their entirety can be located on the HSO website under Research at the VAHCS.  Please review the changes if you conduct research at or with the Iowa City VA Medical Center.  

  • Update contacts for the following: VA HRPP Contact, VA Privacy Officer, VA COI Contact, VA Information Security Officer
  • Updates to the following processes
  • VA COI
  • VA registration and results reporting
  • Removed sections not relevant to VA research
  • Update VA reporting requirements to five days throughout the document
  • Update to reflect VA documentation requirements in the IRB-03 application and informed consent materials when research is occurring at both the VAHCS and the University of Iowa locations
  • Clarify expected information in the IRB application for inclusion of non Veterans

If you have questions, please contact the VA Research Office or email the Human Subjects Office at