Researchers that plan to recruit subjects via mass email must first obtain IRB approval for the recruitment method and content.  Once IRB approval is in place, follow the UI Mass Mail Policy and Best Practices.  After a researcher initiates the mass email request, the Human Subjects Office (HSO) must review and approve the request before forwarding the appropriate forms to Information Technology Services (ITS) to ensure it is consistent with IRB approved content.

Steps to Submit a Mass Email Request

  1. Your mass email request should already have IRB approval. Requests without appropriate IRB approval will be rejected.

    HSO staff will review the information in the mass email request to verify it is complete and consistent with the information contained in the HawkIRB application.  Specifically:

    • Section VII.D.1 should mention email.
    • Section VII.D.29 and/or VII.D.30 should describe the use of mass email and the mass email audience (e.g. UI students, Faculty, and/or Staff.)
    • The Attachment page (recruitment email category) should include the exact subject line and text of the message included on the Request for Mass E-mail.
    • If HSO approves your request, you will be notified by ITS asking you to review the message that will be sent out. 
    • If you approve it, ITS will send out your Mass Email to your selected audience.
    • If HSO rejects your request, you will be notified via email by ITS.  You will have to create a brand new Mass Email Request. 
  2. Open Request for Mass E-mail - Log in using your HawkID and password.  Select “+Create New Massmail” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Complete each field or the form will not submit appropriately.  See Requesting a Mass Mailing – step by step for full instructions.  
    Select "IRB" for local IRB (IRB-01, 02, or 03), select "External/Commercial IRB" for any non-UI IRB.
  4. Ensure the subject line in the Hawk IRB attachment  exactly matches the information in the  “Subject “ of message box.
  5. Ensure the content of the recruitment email message included on the HawkIRB Attachments page exactly matches the message you insert in the “text of email” field on the form. This includes any images included in the email.
  6. In the box labeled “Mass Email Message Attachment Name (as attached in HawkIRB)”, insert the name of the template attachment you are using for that request.
  7. Include a valid e-mail address in the From, Reply To and Requestor Email fields (e.g.
  8. Be sure to select the approved Message Category code “Research Recruitment”.
  9. Click ‘submit’ at the bottom to send to ITS.

Additional information:

  • If you intend to send multiple mailings throughout the project, you must fill out a separate Request for each mailing. 
  • For multiple requests, please note in the Notes field that this is message 1 of 3, etc. and submit a separate request for each one
  • Processing by the Human Subjects Office will take approximately two business days.