The eResearch (HawkIRB) system allows Principal Investigators (PIs) name a delegate to act on their behalf. The PI can use the Delegate Permission System to grant and restrict access to delegates on a project-by-project basis. Only the PI can name a HawkIRB Delegate. Although a HawkIRB Delegate can log in as the PI, they cannot add or remove delegates.

A HawkIRB Delegate can create and submit all types of forms and respond to Workflow during the IRB review process.

All research team members have access to forms in the HawkIRB system after they have been approved, but only the PI or a HawkIRB Delegate can access draft forms in the PIs inbox. HawkIRB Delegates and Contact Persons receive notifications about forms and projects from the HawkIRB system, but only the PI or a HawkIRB Delegate can respond to items in Workflow.

Student PIs must name their Faculty Advisor as a HawkIRB Delegate so they can access and review draft forms prior to submission and assist with responding to Workflow questions.

The PI is ultimately responsible for the content of forms and responses to Workflow. The PI should review all forms prior to submission, either in the HawkIRB system or by reviewing a printer-friendly version of the form.

  1. Log in to HawkIRB
  2. Select “Personalize” in the black toolbar at the top of the screen
  3. Click on “Update My Delegates”
  4. Enter the HawkID and click “Add Delegate.” If you do not know the HawkID, click “Campus Directory” to look it up.
  5. If the HawkIRB Delegate Permission System is turned on, select which projects the HawkIRB Delegate can access

  1. Log in to HawkIRB
  2. Select “Personalize” in the black toolbar at the top of the screen 
  3. Click on “Update My Delegates”
  4. Click the “Remove” link on the right side of the screen


The HawkIRB Delegate logs into the HawkIRB system with their own HawkID and password. Then they click “Delegate Login” in the upper right corner. You do not need the PI’s HawkID and password to access the system on their behalf.

Change the PI for a Draft Form

The PI is automatically assigned when the New Project form is created. The PI is the person for whom the New Project form was generated in their inbox. If the HawkIRB Delegate generates the New Project form in their own inbox before they log in as the Delegate for a PI, then the Delegate is the PI of the project. 

Double check that you are logged in as a delegate for the PI before beginning a New Project form. If you accidentally start a form on your HawkIRB account before you log in as a Delegate, there is no way to change the PI of a draft form. 

  1. Open printer friendly version of the form (opens in a new tab in your browser, or you can print it or save it as an html file). 
  2. Go back to the main HawkIRB tab and login as a delegate for the PI. 
  3. Copy and paste your answers into the correct form. 

PI Review Forms Prior to Submission

Make sure the PI reviews the form prior to submission. The PI should also review responses to workflow and the preparation of any Reportable Event Forms (REFs)The HawkIRB Delegate can generate a printer friendly version of the form to share with the PI or the PI can log in to the HawkIRB system and review the form.

Deactivated PI

When the PI leaves the UI and they no longer have an active HawkID. The HawkIRB Delegate can perform limited actions in HawkIRB on behalf of a deactivated PI. The Delegate can respond to workflow of pending forms and submit Project Close forms. If the PI leaves the UI and has not named a HawkIRB Delegate, contact the IRB (at to request temporary access to the HawkIRB system.

Before a PI leaves the UI, the IRB expects either a Project Close form or Modification form to change the PI. It is also recommended that the PI name a HawkIRB Delegate in case any actions need to be completed in the HawkIRB system after their departure.

Revoke delegate permissions

This functionality is helpful for delegates who are no longer working on a project or have taken a new position and want to stop receiving automated notices from the HawkIRB system for the PIs projects.

  1. Login to HawkIRB
  2. Select “Personalize” in the black toolbar at the top of the screen
  3. Click “Revoke my delegate permissions”
  4. You will see a list of all PIs who have named you as a Delegate and all of the projects you can access. Uncheck the boxes next to the projects to revoke your delegate permissions.
  5. Click “Submit” 
  6. The HawkIRB system will send an email to the PI with an option to accept your request to remove your delegate permissions for the projects selected. You are cc’ed on this email. After they approve your request, you will receive another email stating that the request was approved.

NOTE: You will still be named as a HawkIRB Delegate for all New Project forms the PI creates until they remove you as a Delegate. When a HawkIRB Delegate no longer serves in that capacity, it is a best practice for the PI to remove them as a delegate. See the instructions above for the PI remove a delegate.

The HawkIRB Delegates Permission System lets the PI specify which projects a HawkIRB Delegate can access. This is useful when a PI has multiple projects and works with different HawkIRB Delegates or Study Coordinators. HawkIRB Delegates have access and receive notifications from the HawkIRB system for all of the PIs projects, unless the PI turns on the Delegate Permission System and specifies otherwise. Remove permission so Delegates do not unnecessarily receive notifications about projects in which they are not involved. 

Turning On the Delegate Permission System: 

  1. Log in to HawkIRB
  2. Select “Personalize” in the black toolbar at the top of the screen
  3. Click “Update My Profile”
  4. Select ‘Yes’ under “Turn on the Delegate Permission System (allows you as a PI to assign permissions to projects for your delegates)”
  5. Select “Update Fields”

When the PI creates a New Project, all HawkIRB Delegates are automatically granted access to the form. The PI must uncheck the box for all Delegates who will not be involved in that project. 

Designating Permissions for a HawkIRB Delegate to View/Edit a Project:

Once the functionality is turned on, the Principal Investigator can designate permissions for each project by checking or unchecking the boxes under each Delegate’s name. 

  1. Log in to HawkIRB
  2. Select “Personalize” in the black toolbar at the top of the screen
  3. Click “Update My Delegates”
  4. If you have not already added the Delegate, enter the HawkID and click “Add Delegate.” If you do not know the HawkID, click “Campus Directory” to look it up.
  5. Under each delegate’s name, check the boxes to grant access or uncheck boxes to remove access.
  6. Select “Save Permission Information”

The PI can specify how delegates view their inbox.  Below the field to add a Delegate, select whether to show all projects (even those the Delegate cannot access) or hide projects the Delegate cannot access. The latter is the default.