WIRB Consent Document Templates & Instructions

Informed Consent Document(s)

The following sections of the UI/WIRB consent template include required UI language which cannot be modified in any way:

  • Authorization to Use and Disclose Information for Research Purposes


  • Compensation for Injury

Be sure to always download the consent template from the Attachments Page in Hawk IRB to ensure you are using the most current version. 

Record of Consent

Please review the Record of Consent FAQs or the UI Investigator’s Guide for more information on when the Record of Consent must be used.

A contact person(s) from the research team must be listed on the Record of Consent. This should be someone who can be contacted any time. The project information must be completed on this form, including details about the study drug, potential complications, and/or any other important information.

The Record of Consent is only reviewed by the Human Subjects Office; it should not be sent to WIRB.  The Record of Consent is located on the Attachments Page of the HawkIRB application.  It can be downloaded, completed, and attached as part of the WIRB application in HawkIRB.