Information For IRB Members

IRB Continuing Education

Ongoing education is an important component of serving on the Institutional Review Board (IRB).  It is an expectation of Human Subjects Research Protection Program Accreditation standards for the University of Iowa. IRB members and Human Subjects Office (HSO) staff are required to complete IRB Continuing Education activities each month.  These activities prepare members and staff to conduct a thorough, high quality review of all human subjects research under the purview of the UI IRB. 

Each month, IRB members and staff are asked to read a document, watch a video or listen to a podcast and then complete a brief quiz.  Quizzes remain open for two months to allow time to complete the education requirement in a timely manner. The educational content remains available after the quizzes are locked.

See the instructions below to access the IRB Continuing Education modules in ICON (Iowa Courses Online), the UI course management system.  You must be on the class list to access this course. 


Step 1: Click on the link to access this course in Canvas: 

Step 2: Log in using your HawkID and password. 

Step 3: Open the IRB Continuing Education Course. In the black sidebar on the left of your screen, click “Courses” and select the “IRB Continuing Education” course.

Step 4: Read the monthly content. 

Under the “Home” tab, there are modules listed by month and year. Find the month you wish to complete. The dropdown menu will include the documents to read for that month.

  1. Click the title of the handout to open the handout screen.
  2. To download the document, click the blue title that says “Download.”

Step 5: Complete the quiz.  You must open and read the monthly handout before you can access the quiz.

  1. Click “Home” to return to the Home page.
  2. Click the title of the quiz
  3. Click the gold “Take the Quiz” button.  
  4. After you answer the questions, click the gold “Submit Quiz” button. The next screen will show your score.  You may scroll down to see your answers and view feedback explaining the correct answers.

Questions: Contact Kelly O’Berry ( or 319-335-8477)


IRB Meeting Manuals

The IRB-01 and IRB-02 Meeting Manuals are available in HawkIRB:

  • Click the IRB Member Tab in the black menu bar
  • Click “Education”
  • Scroll down to “IRB Member Tools”