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New Faculty/Staff Researcher - Welcome and Onboarding Survey   

We extend a warm welcome to faculty and staff researchers. The Researcher Handbook and New UI Faculty/Staff Researcher Survey will help you get started.

The Office of the Vice President for Research offers many services and collaborative opportunities to help researchers get started at the UI. The Researcher Handbook includes information to help all researchers learn about and find the resources they need within the UI Human Research Protection Program and on the UI campus.

The Research Administration units use a web-based survey to begin the onboarding process for new UI faculty and research staff. The survey collects information about the nature and type of your research to help us better assist you with setting up your research program. Based on your responses, representatives from the various Research Administration and Compliance units will contact you to provide guidance and support during this onboarding process.

Follow the link below to complete the survey:
New UI Faculty/Staff Researcher Survey

For general information about the survey and the onboarding process for new researchers, please contact Kelly O’Berry, IRB Education and Outreach Manager in the Human Subjects Office (319) 335-8477 or

For additional information, follow these links to the websites of the units/offices represented in the survey:

If a PI's Position at the University of Iowa Changes (PI Transfer/Departure Form)

If a Principal Investigator will be leaving his/her UI position, or will be transitioning to an Adjunct status, procedures must be followed to ensure transitioning the human subjects research project occurs smoothly.  Review information here located on the Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) website to begin the notification process to the appropriate Research Administration\Compliance departments.  The HSO\IRB will reach out to the department and appropriate research contacts to provide assistance with this transition.  The HSO\IRB will expect to see either a project closure form or a modification submitted in eResearch application (HawkIRB) system outlining updates to address the PI’s change in status.  A HRPP (Human Research Protection Program) Departure checklist is also available as a tool to ensure appropriate Human Research Protection Program close our requirements are addressed.  This checklist is not required as part of the IRB application.  

Principal Investigator (PI) Oversight Responsibilities and Assurances

The Principal Investigator (PI) of a human subjects research project requiring IRB approval has certain responsibilities and makes specific assurances (agreements) with the IRB about oversight of a project.  They are outlined in the PI Oversight Responsibilities and Assurances document.

For Research Methods Course Instructors

There are various formats for research-oriented UI courses that prepare students to conduct research:

  • Research methods course, where students learn about research ethics and study design
  • Research seminar, for students to select a research mentor and/or design a research proposal. 

Here is a Back to School Reminder which provides a brief snapshot of what to do next if you or one of your students may have projects involving human subjects.  

Course-Related Student Project Policy

If your research methods course includes a requirement for students to conduct a research project for educational purposes, please review the IRB policy that allows students to conduct certain types of research as a class assignment without obtaining IRB approval. The instructor is responsible for ensuring that student projects comply with all applicable federal human subjects regulations and University of Iowa policies.

  1. Policy on Course-Related Student Projects & Human Subjects Research- Located in the IRB Investigator's Guide/Standard Operating Procedure (Section I, Part 12.D)
  • Conditions under which IRB approval may not be required for research conducted as a course assignment      
  • Includes a list of information that must be disclosed to potential subjects
  1. Checklist for Course-Related Student Projects (download to your desktop for full functionality)
  • A tool to help students and course instructors determine if IRB approval may be required
  • This checklist is not submitted to the IRB
  • Includes a STOP sign and instructions to complete a Human Subjects Research Determination form if the project might require IRB approval
  1. Human Subjects Research Determination (HSRD) Form – If a determination cannot be made using the checklist above, the student can submit a Human Subjects Research Determination (HSRD) form, through the electronic IRB application system (HawkIRB) to ask whether IRB approval is necessary for a project.

Faculty Advisor Responsibilities for Student Principal Investigators

The University of Iowa IRB has certain expectations of Faculty who oversee students conducting human subjects research requiring IRB approval.  These expectations are outlined in the Faculty Advisor Oversight Responsibilities and Assurances document.

IRB Educational Resources

The Human Subjects Office (HSO) provides education and support to student researchers in a variety of methods.  If you would like to learn more about training sessions and educational opportunities for Investigators, HawkIRB delegates, and research team members, See the Education and Training page for more information about:

  • HawkIRB Training Sessions – a four-part series of trainings on the eResearch application system (HawkIRB)
  • Office Hours – researchers can drop in to ask questions or for assistance with completing a HawkIRB application
  • Presentations
    • Research Related Topics – we give 2-4 presentations every semester
    • Classroom Presentations – we are available to speak to research-oriented classes, research teams, and departmental/college groups
  • ICON Course for Researchers – a collection of resources available to anyone with a HawkID, including recordings of the HawkIRB trainings and a Core Course with a certificate
  • IRB Display and Educational Materials – we are available to attend research fairs; and there are additional educational materials available at the bottom of the Education and Training page


Contact the IRB Education and Outreach Program) regarding opportunities to schedule a class presentation, meet with a research team or small group or set up the IRB display at a research fair.