Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please click on the category title for a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to that topic. A brief synopsis of the topics covered is listed below each category.​​

IRB-03 VA Review

IRB-03 Rollout of the new VA IRB-03 application

IRB-04 DoD Review

IRB-04 Department of Defense (DoD) research

Introduction to the IRB and Human Subjects Office

IRB & HSO Background & Purpose, UI IRBs, Federalwide Assurance

IRB Approval

Human Subjects Research determinations, Exempt Qualifications

Human Subjects Protections Certification

Requirements, Timeframe for Update to HawkIRB, Certification Copies

Getting the IRB Application Started 

HawkIRB Educational Offerings, New Projects, Viewing Applications,  Consent Templates

Record of Consent

Policy Information, Implementing the Process, Record of Consent in EPIC, Policy Contact Information

Delegates in HawkIRB

Assigning Delegates, Granting Permission to Delegates on a Project Specific Basis, Submitting as a Delegate

Withdraw or delete a HawkIRB Application

Withdrawing or deleting a HawkIRB Application

What to Expect During the IRB Review Process 

Communication Process, Other Committee Approvals, Supporting Documentation, Timeframes for Review, Possible Determinations

Status of a Submitted Application

Viewing Applications Before Submission, Viewing Project Status in HawkIRB, Viewing as a Research Team Member, Adding Items to Submitted Applications

Modifying an Approved IRB Application or Materials

Required Modifications, Starting the Modification, Modifying Attachments

Continuing Review of IRB-Approved Research 

When & How to Submit a Continuing Review, Error Messages, Attachments

Closing a Study

When & How to Submit a Project Close Form, Error Messages, Submitting a Project Closure in Error​

Research Subject Payment and Compensation

Handling Social Security Numbers, W-9s, eVouchers, HawkIRB attachments

Short Form Consent Documents

Where, What, and When to use Short Forms

Mailed Consent Process: Handling Corrections

What to do

Mass Email

How to Complete Requests, Process