Effective February 1, 2019 two changes will occur to the IRB Fee process for all new contracts involving human subjects:

The IRB fees will be charged directly to the research project account as soon as the MFK is available. Invoices will no longer be sent directly to the sponsor. It will be the responsibility of the research team to include IRB fees in the budget and request reimbursement from the sponsor. Twenty-six  percent F&A will be charged consistent with the University’s Corporate & Industry Sponsored Clinical Trial Policy (http://gao.fo.uiowa.edu/corporate-and-industrysponsored-projects-policy-statement-0).

IRB Administrative Fee for Industry-Sponsored Projects sent to External IRB (WIRB or other)

The Initial/Full Board review fee is $1,500. An additional, annual fee of $750 will be assessed for continuing review of the protocol.

Contact WIRB Client Services at 800-562-4789 for any questions regarding fees and/or how to disseminate charges.