HawkIRB Delegate Permissions

HawkIRB now allows Principal Investigators to grant and restrict access to delegates on a project by project basis.  As a reminder, a principal investigator may name a delegate to act on his/her behalf in HawkIRB.  Once named, the delegate may enter, edit, and submit forms for the PI, including all types of application forms and the Serious and/or Unexpected Adverse Experience Form.  However, the principal investigator remains responsible for the completeness and accuracy of all submitted forms.  If a PI wishes to name a delegate, the IRB encourages the PI to establish documented procedures within his/her research group for reviewing and approving forms prior to their submission.

In order to use this new functionality, Investigators will need to manually update their profile and make their permission designations in HawkIRB.  If the functionality is not turned on, all previously named delegates will continue to have access to all of the Principal Investigator’s projects.   

To turn the functionality on:   

  1. Select “Personalize” in the black toolbar at the top of the screen in HawkIRB.  
  2. Click on “Update My Profile”

  1. Select ‘Yes’ under “Turn on the Delegate Permission System (allows you as a PI to assign permissions to projects for your delegates)”.   
  2. Select “Update Fields”.

Once the functionality has been turned on, the Principal Investigator can then designate permissions for delegates on a project by project basis.   

All new and existing projects will be viewable to all delegates until you have restricted their permission on the User Delegates screen. To restrict a delegate’s access to a draft project, question I.1 must be answered in the application.  If question I.1 is not answered the project will not show up in the User Delegates screen where permission is granted or restricted.  

To designate permission for a delegate to view/edit a project:  

  1. Select “Personalize” in the black toolbar at the top of the screen in HawkIRB.  
  2. Click on “Update My Delegates”
  3. To add a delegate, enter their HawkID into the open text field and select “Add Delegate”.    
    a.  If you do not know his/her HawkID you can look them up in the Campus Directory by clicking on the link offered.

  1. Under each delegate’s name, select the corresponding checkbox for projects you wish togrant them access to.

  1. Select “Save Permission Information”.

As a Principal Investigator you have control over how delegates view your inbox.   

By default, when delegates have been restricted access to a project, they will not be able to view the project when they are logged in as you.   

If you wish to allow delegates to have permission to view all of your projects, but not be able to edit those projects for which you have restricted their access, your selection will need to be manually changed.  On the User Delegates page under “When a delegate opens your inbox” you will need to select “Show a full listing of projects including those that a delegate does not have permission to view (but suppress edit links)” in order for all projects to be viewable by your delegate(s).