New review process for IRB-03 studies that involve the Iowa City VAHCS and the University of Iowa.

Attention IRB-03 researchers:  As of February 15th 2016, the IRB 03 board will begin transitioning away from the review of research activity conducted at the University of Iowa.  This means research studies involving both the Iowa City VAHCS and the University of Iowa will have to submit two separate IRB applications, in order for the correct IRB to review the activity at each location.  Going forward, IRB-03 will review research activity that involves the VAHCS only.  Any research activity that involves the University of Iowa or UIHC, must be reviewed under IRB-01.  Individualized notifications will be sent to all affected IRB-03 researchers who conduct research at the Iowa City VAHCS.  For detailed information, attend the IRB Presentation on Friday, February 12, 2015 or at the VA Hospital on March 16, 2016.  Registration information and presentation details can be found here for February and here for March.  A copy of the presentation can be found here.   

A revised IRB-03 VA Principal Investigator Guide has also been updated in preparation of these enhancements.  An FAQ has also been developed to answer the most common questions.