HawkIRB User Interface

Starting the weekend of December 9, 2023, the HawkIRB user interface will have a new look and some added features, including new login features and a way to switch from one compliance unit application to another. View a tutorial about the new features in the IRB ICON Course for Researchers – in the section called “New HawkIRB Features and Tutorials.”

Gold Menu Bar

The block Iowa logo on the left will take you to the UI home page. The HawkIRB link takes you back to your HawkIRB inbox. As you navigate in HawkIRB, “breadcrumbs” appear in the gold menu bar to show the path. Use those links to get back to the previous page or section.

Login/Logout Features

The login section is now in the gold bar at the top of the screen. Use the dropdown menu to login as a HawkIRB Delegate, logout as a Delegate, or completely logout of the HawkIRB system. Logging out as a Delegate will take you back to your own HawkIRB inbox. You do not have to login again.

Other features that used to be in a black menu bar are now in the white menu bar below the gold heading bar: Inbox, New Project Form, Human Subjects Research Determination Form and Personalize

Application Switcher

This new feature was added on the left side. It allows the user to switch from one platform or application system to another. This feature is being added to all compliance Unit platforms

When the user is logged in to HawkIRB, the Application Switcher will also include a link to the Human Subjects Office website.

When a HawkIRB Delegate is logged in as the PI and uses Application Switcher, they will be logged in as themselves, not as the PI, in the new application.

Researchers can still search for projects by entering a HawkIRB number in the field on the right and then “enter” or “Go.”

System Messages

This is not a new feature, but it is a little more noticeable in the new format. When first posted, system messages appear in a light blue bar at the top of the HawkIRB inbox. Click the ‘X’ on the right side to dismiss the message. System messages are user specific. When you read and dismiss a system message in your own HawkIRB inbox, you will not see it in the PI’s inbox.

In the white menu bar at the top, the number in the red circle to the left of the IRB number search field represents the number of unread system messages. That number decreases as messages are read and dismissed. When all messages are dismissed, a message icon will remain to access all past system messages. Change the filter to see New or Dismissed messages.

To go back to your inbox, click “Inbox” in the white menu bar or “HawkIRB” in the gold bar.