Review by Other University of Iowa Entities

Approval may need to be obtained from some UI entities before submitting Form B.  See Form B for more information. 

 Refer to #1 on Form B

 Refer to #2 on Form B

 Refer to #4 on Form B. If your project requires review by the PRMC, follow the directions on the following form: FORM B1

  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (P&T)

Refer to #5 on Form B. If your project requires PRMC review and P&T review, use FORM B1


If your project does not require PRMC review but does require P&T review, use FORM B2

Refer to #6 and the MRPC Appendix on Form B. Follow the directions on Form B to determine if your project requires MRPC review and approval.   If MRPC review and approval is required, follow the directions on the following form: FORM B3

Refer to #7 on Form B.  Beginning June 1, 2011 any new Form A received in the Human Subjects Office (HSO) that involves an investigational device (IDE or Non-Significant Risk), or a carotid stent; and any new Form A received in the HSO in which the PI is from either the Department of Internal Medicine or the Department of Pediatrics must obtain JOC Research Billing approval.  

See the JOC Research Billing site on The Point* for more information.  

*The Point is an intranet site only for UI Health Care employees.  Authentication with your HawkID and password will be required.  If you would like access to the Research Billing and Compliance page on The Point but you are not a UI Health Care employee (you must be a University of Iowa employee), contact the JOC at

Refer to #8 on Form B

Refer to #9 on Form B