Part 1, Ch. 15 - Overall Approval

Overall approval is limited to an IRB application for a training grant, center grant, or program project grant that involves human subjects.  This type of approval allows the Principal Investigator and Sponsored Programs to provide a single IRB approval date to the funding agency for the overall award itself.  Overall approval is therefore an administrative tool.  It does not indicate approval for any of the specific projects described in the grant.

Overall approval is given via the expedited review procedure.  Projects which have received only overall approval may not enroll human subjects.  To obtain approval for the individual projects described in the training grant, center grant, or program project grant, the principal investigator of each individual project should submit a New Project Application in HawkIRB for each project that involves human subjects.  When completing the application form for each individual project in HawkIRB, the investigator should indicate the funding source as the funding agency that provided the overall award.