Part 1, Ch. 14 - Expedited Review

University of Iowa policy requires all human subjects research proposals to be submitted for IRB review.  However, certain types of human subjects research may be reviewed under expedited procedures rather than reviewed by the full board.  The IRB Chairs or designee are the sole authority for determining whether the research meets the expedited criteria, based on review and approval of the investigator's New Project application to the IRB.  In making this determination the IRB Chair or designee considers any ethical issues.  Expedited research projects must submit Continuing Review applications at least annually.  In order to receive expedited review, research studies must meet federal regulatory requirements as described in 45 CFR 46.110 of the Department of Health and Human Services regulations.

A list of expedited review categories is posted in the Federal Register.  The full text of these categories and how to apply them is available for review via the Department of Health and Human Services.  A summary is provided below.