HawkIRB Project Index Update

NEW! Enhancements to the eResearch (HawkIRB) application are now live in an effort to better inform you of the federal, state, and local policies that may apply to human subject research. We hope you find these enhancements helpful in preparing the eResearch application for IRB review.  The Human Subjects Office is excited to introduce the research community to a new educational tool in HawkIRB. We have affectionately referred to it as the HawkIRB Carousel. The carousel is the new index view you will see when you initiate a form in HawkIRB. The new carousel has replaced the current index view for all new, modifications, modification + continuing review, continuing reviews, and reportable event forms.  Review the enhancements here

The Carousel is a rotating view of the IRB application index. The index remains the same Roman numeral system you are used to seeing in the old index view with enhanced features to guide you in completing the IRB application. This brief tutorial will provide a detailed breakdown of how to use the new Carousel. The Old view was in Outline format as you see below. The new view contains:

  • Better Section headers
  • Section by section breakdown
  • A “What you need to get started” section
  • A “Why the IRB needs the information” section
  • Visual cues representing when a section is complete.