HawkIRB Funding Source (Section III) Enhancements

Ongoing efforts are being made to improve efficiency of the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) review of human subjects research.  On 9/18/18, changes to the funding section (Section III) of the eResearch (HawkIRB) IRB application will occur to provide a streamlined approach to documenting research funding.  Section III of the HawkIRB application will have the ability to sync the IRB application directly with the UIRIS, the authoritative source of funding awards within the Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP).  This update will apply to all new project submissions and modifications where the funding source of support changes.  There will be three funding options in section III.    

  • Internal funding
  • External funding
  • No funding

A User's Guide is posted on the HSO Website.

Internal Funding Support

When “Internal” funding is selected, there are two types of Internal funding options: either Institutional\Grant award or Departmental.  Neither of these options require routing a proposal routing form through DSP. Select the applicable option and then click “Add Funding Source.”   

External Funding Support

Research with monetary support from any type of external mechanism requires processing by DSP via UIRIS.  Once “External” funding is selected in section III, a question will appear asking whether or not the funding source has been processed through Sponsored Programs. 

If “No” is selected (the funding source has not been processed through Sponsored Programs), a warning will appear with a message to contact DSP to route the research funding to prevent delays in beginning your research.  The IRB submission and review will proceed concurrent with DSP review. 

The following warning will appear if “No” is selected:

WARNING: IRB approval may be delayed if the appropriate processing of research funding is not complete. Please be aware that although you may proceed with your IRB application, if your IRB protocol is not associated with an external grant or contract record with the Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) UIRIS system and/or you have not had your external research funding reviewed by the DSP, you run the risk of delaying the approval of your IRB protocol and the associated external award’s grant account. If you have not yet routed your external research funding through DSP, please do so using the electronic routing form. Per UI policy, all externally funded research applications need to be approved by DSP (see University of Iowa Operations Manual, Part II Chapter 27.1). For more information, please see the UI’s routing policy or contact DSP directly at dsp@uiowa.edu or 319-335-2123.

You will then be prompted to identify the type of funding support. Select the appropriate type (Federal, State/Local, Corporate/Industry, or Private Foundation/Association).

 If “Yes” is selected (the funding source has been processed through Sponsored Programs), all funding sources routed via DSP associated with the identified Principal Investigator will be listed.  Select the appropriate option add select “Add.” If “Yes” is selected, and the funding source is not associated specifically with the Principal Investigator, select “Lookup.”  Enter the HawkID of the individual named on the funding source on file with DSP.  If you are uncertain of the HawkID, use the Campus Directory to look up the individual’s HawkIRB, and copy and paste the HawkID into the field.     

If your funding is a listed source already, identify the appropriate grant and select “Add.”   

Source of External Funding Support

Once a funding source has been populated in Section III.1, Section III.2 will prompt the researcher to answer which office will process the agreement for the project, usually either “Sponsored Programs- Federal/State/Local Agency/Non-Profit Funded” or “Sponsored Programs- Corporate/Industry Funded.” Select the appropriate option based on the original source of funds.  In some instances, this selection will automatically populate based on the funding source identified in III.1. 

No Funding

Select “No Funding” if the research is being conducted with no monetary support.  Before selecting this option, consider carefully how the research team members’ and the Principal Investigator’s time is being supported to conduct this research and how research expenses will be covered.  Departmental funding may be a more appropriate response. Once “No Funding” is selected, it will auto-populate in the funding section.

Acronym Changes

One additional change occurring with associated funding information found in HawkIRB is to replace the acronym “CTO” with “DSP.” This change is to reflect there is no longer a separate Clinical Trials Office.  The Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) reviews, negotiates, and signs the Clinical Trials Agreements. 


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about these changes, please contact the Human Subjects Office via phone (319) 335-6564 or email @ irb@uiowa.edu