The Boomerang Application: Best Practices for Managing Workflow Questions and Requests

Event Date: 

Wed, Apr 14, 2021 - 10:00am to 11:00am


You answered every question in the HawkIRB form. You put a lot of time into editing the Informed Consent Document template to describe your study. You checked your attachments page--twice. You crossed every T and dotted every I. Yet, the HawkIRB application was returned to your Inbox for you to address questions and provide clarification. The truth is, this is a very common scenario for many researchers, and the Human Subjects Office (HSO) wants to help.

In this presentation, we will show you IRB-side of the application review process. We will look at the most common Workflow questions and requests and provide strategies for addressing them to keep the IRB review process moving along. Ideally, we want you to know how to anticipate and avoid having these application issues altogether. Finally, we will share insights about the review process from HSO staff reviewers. This presentation will be beneficial to anyone who works with HawkIRB applications.


Pre-registration is recommended.