8. Prohibited Research

Certain types of research are prohibited by the DoD and/or the UI:

  • Research with detainees (prisoners of war), except research with investigational new drugs or devices where such treatment would also be offered to US military service members at the same location and with the same medical condition consistent with established medical practice.As described in DoD Directive 2310.01E, a detainee is “any individual captured by, or transferred to the custody or control of, DoD personnel pursuant to the law of war. This does not include persons being held solely for law enforcement purposes, except where the United States is the occupying power. Detainees who are U.S. citizens or U.S. resident aliens will continue to enjoy all applicable rights and privileges under U.S. law and DoD regulations.”
  • The UI, by policy, prohibits ‘secret’ research on human subjects. Secret research is defined by the UI as “research for which the nature, purpose, and non-proprietary results are not freely communicable” and “activities designated as ‘classified’ by the federal government.” Maintaining the confidentiality of proprietary information does not constitute secret research. (UI Operations Manual, 27.2b)
  • Research involving human subjects for testing of chemical or biological warfare agents is generally prohibited, except for certain prophylactic, protective or peaceful purposes. (50 USC §1520a(b))