5. International Research

According to 32 CFR § 219.101, research involving non-U.S. citizens may be conducted outside the United States. However, in the conduct of such research, the laws, customs, and practices of the country in which the research is conducted or those required by this regulation, whichever are more stringent, will take precedence. The research must meet the same standards of ethics and safety that apply to research conducted within the United States involving U.S. citizens, and will be conducted in accordance with applicable international agreements.

The PI is responsible for determining whether the sponsoring DoD component requires an additional ethics review by the host country or a local DoD IRB with host country representation. The Navy requires that international research involving human subjects who are not U.S. citizens or DoD personnel, conducted outside the United States, its territories and possessions, requires permission of the host country. The laws, customs, and practices of the host country and those required by the instruction will be followed. An ethics review by the host country, or local Naval IRB with host country representation, is required. (SECNAVINST 3900.39D (6)(i). International Research.)